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3rd Regional Workshop on Medias and ICT issues in West Africa

December 13th to 15th in Dakar, Senegal. PIWA ICT Programme organized the 3rd Regional Workshop on Medias and ICT issues in West Africa on the theme "New technologies, new journalism, improved governance".

- Workshop Blog//Blog de l’atelier

- Workshop Recommendations//Recommandations de l’atelier

- Temps forts et résultats de l’atelier/Workshop highltghts and outcomes (French)

Date : December 13th to 15th, 2007

Place : Faidherbe hotel, Dakar (Senegal)

Organisation : Panos Institute West Africa

Financial support : OSIWA (Haayo project), Freevoice, Novib, DFID.

Title : 3rd Regional workshop on Medias and ICT issues in West Africa : New technologies, new journalism, improved governance.

Through PIWA “Uses and Policies of Digital Technology” Programme (ICT Programme), this workshop aimed at:
- promoting uses of blogs and new ICT tools (Web 2.0) by medias for improved governance in West Africa
- strengthening reporting on ICTs in the region

The workshop gave the opportunity to assess the use of blogs by medias and citizens in West Africa and to discuss about blogs and “citizen journalism”.

Apart from discussions, practical sessions helped participants learn or strengthen knowledge on the use of blogs, podcasts, and new digital communication applications.

A blog has been especially installed for the worshop. It gathered daily information on the worskshop.

About 60 people, including 30 journalists from West Africa (radio, written press, English and French speaking countries) and some delegates from media and ICT organizations attendend the event.


Day 1 - December 13th, 2007

- Opening ceremony

- Being journalist in the digital era

- Blogging in West Africa : issues on stake, stakeholders, contents, impediments

- I blog, therefore I am : presentation of experiences from various countries

- Online Production : legal constraints

Day 2 - December 14th, 2007

- Round table session : SAT3, VoIP, mobile telephony, Internet : current regulation issues in West Africa

- Web 2.0 truths and fictions : from the technical point of view to content production

- Blogs, podcasts, vlogs, tags, etc. : new tools for online production (theory and practice)

- Blogs, development and governance : feedback from the Roma web 2.0 conference

Day 3 - December 15th, 2007

- Citizen journalism : concept, issues on stake, impacts on journalists

- Two simultaneous sessions :

* African civil society and uses of blogs (4 hours-workshop)

* Practical workshops for journalists

- Conclusion - prospects

-  French-English simultaneous will be provided.
-  One room will be equipped with some computers for practical sessions.

PDF - 85.5 kb
Programme PIWA workshop_ dec 2007

For more information :

- you can read the call for participation - grants for journalists produced for this purpose.

- please contact Judith Lenti or Ken Lohento at PIWA.

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